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  1. Ok just beacuse I’m English, B) Actually do something about what I said. Well let me clarify; https://imgur.com/gallery/WziAuEq. Yes, he technically won, but I expected more from the judging comittee, which if they have 4 entries they are disqualified. After all, why would someone “NOT” use their image. Anyways, I know they have “their” well deserved X-crystalls, so I don’t care. I just wanted judges to consider before reacting. https://imgur.com/a/K6tn1zB Factor-A
  2. You used my work and are taking credit for it, and you're complaining about someone else, who is obliviously noted for cheating in every competition they are in.
  3. Why thank you, before banning me for talking English I would like to tell you that user @ Factor-A did not use their Image or work. Please note this is image property of user: XT_Pro Also, I did not give any privileges to this skrub. 29/10/17 Tanki X VK ablum VK name is Timka Beleski Thanks for being just!
  4. Танковый цех от 04.10

    @Holy спасибо- английский человек
  5. Дневничок 7-ой Леги

    @KuPIOx июнь РЕСУРСЫ
  6. Клан INFINITE

    Зачем чэат?